Text Analytics Lab

In a customer experience context, text analytics means examining text that was written by, or about, customers. We find patterns and topics of interest, and then take practical action based on what we learn.
Next Data Science overcomes text analytics that is performed manually. NDS works on text analytics software that uses text mining and natural language processing algorithms to find meaning in huge amounts of text.
Next Data Science solves business challenges by using unstructured text data through Machine learning and Natural language processing.
Text analytics is the way to unlock the meaning from all of this unstructured text. It lets you uncover patterns and themes, so you know what customers are thinking about. It reveals their wants and needs.

Case Study:

How to extract the sentiment being expressed behind a text or writing and predict the trending topics?
Next Data Science works on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine learning algorithms which is developed to scan social media (Twitter, Facebook) to identify the trending topics and sentiment analysis.
This helped the publisher’s editorial team to write articles on trending topics to generate more traffic to their website.