Stock & Trade Analytics Lab

Next Data Science have its own stock and trade analytics lab which mainly focus on the following global trend that Indian players have started using analytics to trade on the bourses. Known as ‘Quants’ in some circles, data analytics are used for initiating both fundamental as well as technical trades. In fundamental trades the rapidly changing prices are caught by the software’s to bridge the gap between the current price in the market to what has been fed in the software as a fair value of the stock.
Data analysis is used more as a technical analysis tool as it checks historical data to identify similar patterns or signal and how prices responded to it. Trades are taken based on ‘history-repeats-itself’ strategy. Most technical analysts who trade on pattern recognition also trade on similar logic but data analytics helps the trader take the trade on a real time basis and on multiple stocks. Data analytics does not rely on price alone but uses other variables like volume, delivery data and technical signals.

Case Study:

How to build stock trading strategies?
-> Next Data Science provides automated trading solutions that are widely used by investors, banks, funds, and other stock market players.
-> These systems are based on complex mathematical algorithms and can take into account hundreds of factors.
-> NDS helps the investors about the right time for placing buy/sell orders or can even make a deal without any human involvement.
20 % faster stock trading strategies are build which lead to a profitable deal for the customer.