Image & Video Analytics Lab

Next Data Science is sizing up the potential impact of prescriptive analytics driven by proliferation of images and video.
We reveal valuable insights by accurately recognizing objects in images and videos. From surveilling people in real-time at events to detecting if products are in the right place in shopping aisles, AI can drive value in many ways.
NDS create in-depth analyses by placing image objects into relevant segments. We use AI based algorithms that can help insurers analyze home and auto damage to create more accurate claims for customers.
We understand customer behaviour by identifying their actions from video – both in-store and in real-time. AI helps reveal how customers interact with products and brands to drive better experiences.

Case Study:

How to extract desired information from large amounts of video content collected by surveillance cameras?
-> Video monitoring systems basically collect and record video content recorded by surveillance cameras.
-> Next Data Science’s Image & Video Analytics Lab is using image processing and machine learning to transform it into tools that improve the efficiency and functionality of safety and security services.
-> NDS uses Metadata analysis technology for video monitoring systems to utilize it for IT safety/security purposes.
It helps to tag the things in video and helps to recognize the faces we want to focus on.