A paradigm shift from descriptive on paper analysis to a predictive analysis by leveraging real-time data has enhanced the military exercise considerably.
Sensors, location systems, Google earth, machine learning algorithms, data analytics and mining have strengthened the military in a secondary way after weapons.
Earlier the information that was stored in logbooks containing image and locations is now perfectly handled by artificial intelligence. Big data is now taken care of and not only this, it is being mined and analysed to gain insights of any possible imperfection or unusual movements around the border or in the air or the sea.

Case Study 1:

How Intelligence agencies need to get better at integrating disparate pieces of data?
-> Next Data Science’s big data analytics offering, is designed to give forward-deployed units the capability to determine how people, organizations, places, and events are connected over time.
-> The software utilizes technology such as Hadoop, graph databases, semantic triple-stores, and natural language processing algorithms to deliver Facebook-like insights into the lives of bad guys, with the ease of a Google-like query interface.
We are just simply providing people more data. NDS actually makes the data smart and we make the data easily consumable for people to actually use for real decision-making.

Case Study 2:

How to detect national security threat?
-> Terrorism has become a business to several despots like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Boko-Haram and they have become a global threat.
-> Their objective is to kill and destroy.
-> These tyrants pose the risk of radicalizing the young generation online.
-> ISIS recruits teens from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter by running successful propaganda campaigns to broadcast its gruesome successes.
NDS Big data analytics tools and technologies have become the first line of defence that combines together text mining, machine learning and ontology modelling to ease security threat prediction, detection and prevention at an early stage.
Big data and data science technologies now ease intelligence led investigation processes through improved collaboration and data analysis so that agencies can detect national security threats easily.

Case Study 3:

How to check when an agitation happens anywhere across the country?
There are multiple factors like social media posts, hashtags or news articles, religious group’s posts. Based on these correlation metrics, NDS merge all the data with the intelligence data from police agencies.
NDS machine language algorithm and data mining techniques help predict a protest or agitation.