Great vision without great people is irrelevant.
-Jim Collins
Next Data Science is growing more precisely with every customer interaction and support. To stand in today’s competitive world we are continuously adapting new tools and techniques to achieve high goals.
To ensure outstanding output we are hiring a number of talented folk for various roles.
1. Junior Data Scientist
The Junior Data Scientist position will be embedded within our ML Data Analytics Practice and leverage your curiosity and problem solving skills to explore, discover, and predict patterns contained within data sets for a wide range of clients. This includes the derivation of clear narratives that help our clients understand their data and how those insights address their specific research questions.
Experience: 0 to 1 years
Eligibility: CS/IT/BCA stream only [Freshers 2018 or 2019 Batch only]
2. Senior Data Scientist
The Senior Data Scientist must have a strong ability to understand data relationships and can design data models that reflect these relationships with the ability facilitate efficient loading and querying of the data. Additionally the Data Scientist must understand the data model within the context of the technical environment and will design a model to leverage the strengths of the technical environment. The Data Scientist must be a strong communicator who is eager to learn, endlessly curious, takes pride in hard work and is committed to rapidly advancing his/her career.
Experience: Minimum 3 Years
3. Project Manager
A project manager is a person who has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project.
The project manager must have a combination of skills including an ability to ask penetrating questions, detect unstated assumptions and resolve conflicts, as well as more general management skills.
Key among a project manager’s duties is the recognition that risk directly impacts the likelihood of success and that this risk must be both formally and informally measured throughout the lifetime of a project.
4. Software Developer
We are looking for a Software Developer to build and implement functional programs. You will work with other Developers and Product Managers throughout the software development life cycle.
In this role, you should be a team player with a keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills.
Your goal will be to build efficient programs and systems that serve user needs.
Eligibility: CS/IT/BCA stream only [Freshers 2018 or 2019 Batch only]


5. Data Engineer
We are looking for a Data Engineer who will be responsible for the maintenance, improvement, cleaning, and manipulation of data in the business’s operational and analytics databases. The Data Engineer works with the business’s software engineers, data analytics teams, data scientists, and data warehouse engineers in order to understand and aid in the implementation of database requirements, analyze performance, and troubleshoot any existent issues.
The Data Engineer has to be an expert in SQL development further providing supports to the Data and Analytics in database design, data flow and analysis activities. The position of the Data Engineer must also play a key role in the development and deployment of innovative big data platforms for advanced analytics and data processing.
Eligibility: CS/IT/BCA stream only [Freshers 2018 or 2019 Batch only]

Please Apply for above profiles(only Freshers(CS/IT/BCA 2018/2019 batch)).  Later You need to submit the hard copy  of resume at office if you get shortlisted and qualify the aptitude test and technical written test.

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